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Chakra Info


RED ~ 1st
Root or Base Chakra
Location: base of the spine
Physical Association: Adrenal glands, kidneys, spinal column, back, hips, legs and feet
Spiritual Association: Stability, security, grounding, courage, connection to nature, prosperity, trust, physical and emotional survival
Overactive Characteristics: Hyperactivity, physical tension, anger, fear, violent outbursts
Deficient Characteristics: Physical weakness,exhaustion, feelings of not belonging, lacking in drive and enthusiasm, coordination or circulation problems

ORANGE ~ 2nd
Sacral Chakra
Location: beneath the navel
Physical Association: Genital area, reproductive organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine
Spiritual Association: Creativity, harmony, emotional balance, passion, sexuality, freedom and expression of emotions
Overactive Characteristics: Need to control, victimization, thoughtlessness, consumerism
Deficient Characteristics: Physical rigidity, impotence, emotional numbness, fear of pleasure, digestive disorders, anti-social behaviors. Feelings of inadequacy and envy

YELLOW ~ 3rd
Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: below the ribs ~ above the navel
Physical Association: Stomach, pancreas and liver
Spiritual Association: Personal power, strength, sense of self worth, transformation, courage and laughter
Overactive Characteristics: Analytical behavior, blaming, dominating, aggressive, scattered, lack of tolerance.
Deficient Characteristics: Nervous disorders, worry, weak will, poor self esteem, chronic fatigue, fearful, panic attacks

GREEN ~ 4th
Heart Chakra
Location: center of the chest
Physical Association: Heart, lungs and thymus gland
Spiritual Association: Unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion
Overactive Characteristics: Codependency, poor boundaries, possessive, obsessiveness, jealous
Deficient Characteristics: Asthma, heart disease, power-seeking, lack of control, feeling of being trapped, unfulfilled, lonely, bitter, lack of self worth

BLUE ~ 5th
Throat Chakra
Location: throat region
Physical Association: Mouth, throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands
Spiritual Association: Communication, truthfulness, express of will power and creativity
Overactive Characteristics: Excessive talking, inability to listen, over-extended, stuttering
Deficient Characteristics: Stiff neck, fear of speaking, poor rhythm, creativity blocks, lack of inspiration

INDIGO ~ 6th
Brow or Third Eye Chakra
Location: center of the forehead
Physical Association: Pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain and nervous system
Spiritual Association: Coordination, balance, mental clarity, clairvoyance, intuition, wisdom
Overactive Characteristics: Nightmares, headaches, hallucinations, delusions, difficulty concentrating
Deficient Characteristics: Poor memory, poor vision, can't see patterns, clouded mind, denial, blocked intuition

VIOLET ~ 7th
Crown Chakra
Location: top of the head
Physical Association: Pineal gland, top of spinal cord and brain stem
Spiritual Association: Spirituality and life force energy
Overactive Characteristics: Overly intellectual, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation
Deficient Characteristics: Depression, inability to learn, coordination difficulties
Included with your purchase of any Chakra jewelry is a description card of chakras, their colors and what each represents.

Each stone has been cleansed and energized but you, ideally, should repeat a cleansing process making the stones 'yours'. 

Requests are always welcome should you desire a piece of jewelry on a specific Chakra or condition.  Please email me and we can discuss the stone or stone combination that suits you.  Stone combinations can be a powerful thing.

**DISCLAIMER:  Above descriptions are being shared to inform others of the Chakra system and how stones have been used to enhance (not treat or diagnose) both health and emotional well-being.  If you are under a doctor's care, do NOT stop any treatments or medications to treat yourself using any of the above information or in any listings in my webstore.  Under no circumstances does Cactus and Coyote take any responsibility if you do replace any proper medical treatments/medications with above information.  By purchasing any such item (listed in chakra category or with metaphysical descriptions) in my store, it will be taken that you understand and accept this disclaimer.

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